Weekend Journal

We weren't at all sad that Jonah's soccer game was rained out this afternoon. After a splendid couple of days catching up with old friends and family, we had the gift of an afternoon with no plans. 

Steve watched football with Jonah and made rude remarks to the television. Ian sat on the floor and put a new puzzle together. (Thanks, Erin.) I put away serving platters and folded up table clothes.

Later, we went out to dinner to celebrate Steve's birthday. While we were waiting for the sushi, I asked Jonah about the latest book that he was reading. I was checking that he wasn't reading too fast and that he was understanding everything. Then he asked, "what books are you reading, mom?" I told him about how I was learning about the lack of computers in Africa, but that I needed a new fiction book to read.

I don't get those questions very often. For a brief moment, he noticed that I was a person and not merely the body that provides Cheerio's and clean underwear. Tomorrow, I'll go back to being that robot-maid from the Jetsons, but tonight, my kid was curious about me.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Journal

  1. I suspect the interest will continue to grow. My son, 14, has always periodically asked questions about what I’m thinking or reading, etc. It’s one of my favorite things. I think it’s because I’ve always shown an interest in what he’s doing, and he actually likes being around grownups. I think I’ve decided that maintaining that connection is the most important thing I need to do as a parent and it’s also the most fragile.


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