Weekend Journal


It was a ridiculously beautiful weekend. Clear, crisp days. The trees are on the verge of changing. This weather makes me want to cook apples and sausage, any kind of food that will work as a vehicle for garlic and rosemary, and banana bread. A perfect day for banana bread.

On Saturday, we took a hike up to Doodletown. Doodletown is a ghost town in the middle of Harriman State Park. It has an old history; the British troops marched through. But in the 50s, as the park expanded, the old homes were either bought out or taken with eminent domain.


It's a good hike. It takes a couple of hours with little kids, but it's very do-able. You can see spooky remains of house foundations and front steps that lead to nowhere. There are also a ton of rocky streams, which my kids love to hop around.

On the way back, I passed a three foot snake. It was sunning itself on the path about two feet away from me. As it slithered into the undergrowth, Steve came running over to check it out. It was big and fat with a triangular head. And as its tail unfurled, you see the rattle. It was a timber rattlesnake, which is endangered. 

I tried to get a good picture of it after it curled up under a shrub by the side of the path, but when I got closer, it raised its head and bobbled its neck like a Brooklyn girl. Decided to back off, so this lame picture was all I got.


As we walked home, we retold the story over and over. By the time we got to the car, salt and pepper had been added to the story. "Mom almost got bitten, and we were going to have to get a helicopter to airlift her to a hospital. She almost died!"

The rest of the weekend was spent outside. I bought mums for the planters on the front porch and cider donuts from the local farm. On Sunday, I hooked up my pathetic laptop with a series extension cords and started a draft of a new project on the porch. (God, I hate Apple power cords for iBooks. I need a new one, but I'm not paying a $100 for it. So, I'm using duct tape.) My kids spent lots of time with their cousins. I'm finally back on track for work, so I don't have that vague feeling of panic.  

Really, just a perfect weekend.






17 thoughts on “Weekend Journal

  1. Maybe I used the wrong phrasing. I haven’t read any Salinger, even Catcher. On the other hand, I know what insult Sam used on Ted Sandyman on his return to the Shire and I also have questions about how the Harry and the corpse of Cedric got portkeyed away at just the right moment in Goblet of Fire.


  2. Yes, probably. But, Crouch Jr. make the portkey to take Harry to Voldemort. Crouch had no reason to make it a two-way portal. Harry doesn’t know how to make one. How’d he get back?


  3. PS: I appreciate obscure literary (and other references), even ones I don’t get. For example, I hadn’t realized Sallinger had written anything other than Catcher in the Rye (one of the going explanations for his aggressive stance on preventing the fair use of his work: http://writ.news.findlaw.com/commentary/20090720_hodes.html).
    And, I didn’t get Laura’s reference, Doug’s comment, *and* I don’t know what Sam said to Ted Sandyman or anything about any portkey. But, I do know the integral of e^x.
    (Oh, and did any banana bread get made? We need to make some around here, because of an unfortunate incident involving soccer snacks and too many bananas).


  4. “No time for washing, but time for wall-propping”? That’s awfully genteel, even for Sam. I didn’t know it off the top of my head, but I did know where to look.
    On the other hand, I don’t know nothin bout portin no keys.


  5. Yes, Sam pulls his punches for hobbits (excepting himself), even if sort of evil.
    Portkeys are one of several methods of magical transit used in Harry Potter.


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