Phd082109s My pathetic response to this cartoon was, "Wow, I never received a stipend like that."

I'm actually getting unemployment benefits right now. Not that much, but I'm not complaining either. It feels kind of arbitrary. Why am I getting money from the government, because my position was eliminated? Why is that a better reason that the other reasons that I've left jobs? Why didn't I get money when I had to leave a job, because I had a baby?

One thought on “Unemployment

  1. That size of graduate stipend is not uncommon around here. Do the sciences push the average up?
    Some objections to the graphic:
    1. As you point out, being officially unemployed is a special kind of “doing nothing.” Not everybody qualifies. Plus, you run out of unemployment much faster than you run out of graduate support.
    2. There’s probably some sort of health insurance available along with the graduate stipend. You’re still paying for it, but it’s probably cheaper than it would be as an individual.
    3. There are probably some nice facilities that are free to you as a graduate student. Not that you have time to use them…


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