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Last year, I taught early morning Monday classes, so I stayed up late nearly every Sunday night preparing lectures or grading papers. It was glorious to end that miserable tradition when the semester ended back in May. Tonight, I need to put in a late night to finish off a paper. Better to work after the kids are asleep then when they are pestering me tomorrow. First, a quick brain dump on the blog.

DSC_0038 We just came back from Robin's wedding party at her family's blueberry farm in New Hampshire.

Robin and I have been friends, since we've been twelve. Her family lived down the block from mine, and I would pick her up on the walk to the middle school. Her mom was our girl scout troop leader. Our brothers were also good friends. Our parents became friends. I later worked at her dad's solenoid valve company doing office work during breaks from college. I hung out at her family's shore house in the summer. After college, we drove across the country together.

DSC_0059 Robin and I have known each other for so long that she's crossed the boundary from friend to family. Our lives diverged over the years. We only talk every six months or so, but whenever we see each other, we revert back to our twelve year old selves. It's very comfortable.

Several years ago, her parents moved to New Hampshire and bought a blueberry farm in New Hampshire. Rows and rows of blueberry bushes and other vegetables. It's all organic. Her folks are in their seventies now, but the work has arrested their aging. A fountain of youth.

Robin had a party to celebrate her marriage to Peter. The wedding had taken place in the woods with canoes in the Pacific NorthWest with just their folks and her kids. Her parents had set up a tent for a salsa band and picnic tables for the burritos and sausage. It was a just a small group of family and old friends. It was lovely.

Jonah and Steve picked a bucket of blueberries. Ian was a little overwhelmed and retreated into the house to play with his DS, but he was very well behaved. I had plenty of time to catch up with everyone. We learned that their pumpkins were used by the local brewery, that it's tough to turn a profit with U-Pick farm, and that Portsmouth has a thriving small business culture. DSC_0062

We left a little envious of the simplicity of farm life and the sweetness of eating food off the vine. Blueberries, blackberries, and cherry tomatoes were popped in my mouth.

But now, I must turn back to complications and stress of a word document up on my screen.

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  1. “her family’s blueberry farm”
    If that isn’t the coolest thing; well except maybe if it was raspberries.
    Great pic, too.


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