Is Mad Men the New Buffy?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the last show that united all my geeky friends. Based on highly scientific data accumulated from skimming my blogs in Google reader and checking out status updates of my friends on Twitter and Facebook, I do believe that Mad Men might be the new Buffy. 

Love, love, love the clothes. 41111057

3 thoughts on “Is Mad Men the New Buffy?

  1. All my Buffy friends are watching True Blood. Of course, maybe I hang out in lesser fandom circles. 🙂 I mean, many of them watch Mad Men, too. But they get fannish over True Blood. Plus, Angel-Buffy-Spike = Bill-Sookie-Eric.


  2. I love the effect it’s had on clothes in the stores. Finally, a few dresses with room for big boobs in them.


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