Charlie’s Angels Round Up

6a00d8341c576253ef01157158acc3970c-pi Who has smart and beautiful friends? I do!

Thanks so much to Macaroni, Tammy, Suze, and Julie G. for keeping the Apt. 11D gang fed and amused. While I was away, I managed to sneak out to an Internet cafe twice to make sure all was well. I did have Steve in the background scolding me though, so I only had time to delete spam. No time to comment.

Susan's post on online dating was picked up by Megan at Atlantic Monthly. Sweet! And Steve's still talking about Jan's gin-soaked raisins.

Julie G.'s picture of Putin made me snort in the Internet cafe. I think we need a photo
series entitled, "Babes of the former Soviet Union." And Lego is a way of life around here. If you haven't stepped on a Lego brick in the dark on the way to the bathroom, then you haven't lived.

I read a ton
of foodie politics stuff over break, and I can't wait to respond to Toni's
posts on food. (And good tip on the cereal, girlfriend.)

Tammy's discussion of Readicide was great. How interesting that upper class
kids have to the same problem as lower income kids in just finding the
time to read.

These guys are the best. And are welcome whenever they have the itch to write something in the future. Mi blog es su blog.