Eating Cereal, 20lbs Lighter by Macaroni

by Macaroni

In general, I’ve been blessed
with a nice figure. That doesn’t mean I’m skinny, because I’m certainly not. I’m
curvy. Maintaining my figure was never an obsession though I tried to eat healthfully,
practice yoga once or twice a week, and walk. I managed to muddle through my
30s looking moderately good, punctuated by brief periods of being in very good
shape—that was until the spring 2008. 

I secured my first tenure track
job in the fall 2007, which required 180-200 miles of driving (depending on
whether I drove from CT to NY/RI) thrice weekly. By the spring of 2008, my
summer clothes didn’t fitting. A combination of a stressful job situation,
combined with 600 miles per week of driving was the likely culprit. Tenure
requirements demand publications further contributing to my sedentary
life-style as I worked on two manuscripts simultaneously.

Fortunately, I landed another
tenure track position a mere 14 miles from my home in NYC. At the new University
a lunch time weight loss program was offered, and on a lark I decided to join,
not expecting much. My reasons for joining were twofold: first, I was disappointed
with my new larger dress size and second, my 20 year high school reunion was

By the time my high school
reunion rolled around, a few weeks later I had already managed to drop a dress
size. Soon I no longer had to record what I ate, and consistently dropping a
few pounds each week. I lost 20 pounds and four dress sizes. (Wait, do I sound
like Valerie Bertinelli?) Eating more fiber was central. Cereal is now a part
of my life.

I am delighted with the results,
but why didn’t I do something sooner? So too, I’m terrified I’m going to put the
weight back on, given that I’m summering in Providence—where the pounds
originally began to appear. My one-year anniversary of starting the program is
rapidly approaching and I’ve been able to maintain my weight, but I wonder if
my concerns are normal? Does everyone struggle with their weight on some level,
or are there folks who honestly never pay attention?

4 thoughts on “Eating Cereal, 20lbs Lighter by Macaroni

  1. Macaroni, I’m right here with you. I joined Weight Watchers in January. It has been effective, but I now must think of food/exercise combination CONSTANTLY. WW requires one to keep a log of every bite one eats, every sip one drinks. A harsh taskmistress.
    I commute to NYC from NJ — 30 miles, but roughly 1.5 hours each way daily (given traffic). Am up for tenure in the fall and am finishing the copy edits of my “tenure book.” Talk about a sedentary lifestyle!


  2. MH: Weight Watchers emphasizes fiber in take in relation to fat content. It became immediately clear to me that the sheer volume of cheese, combined with nuts, I was eating not only added pounds, but had other adverse affects.
    Julie G.: I recorded my intake on WW for the first month or so. But I did so well, measuring and recalling point values that I didn’t have to record and continued to loose weight. (That’s not typical.)


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