Women Are Better Bosses

I love the New York Times' interviews with top business executives. It's fascinating how they arrange their lives and how they are so damned determined to achieve. I'm not saying that I would like to emulate them, but I do find them interesting.

This week Carol Smith, senior vice president and chief brand officer for the Elle Group, gives her views on women managers.

In my experience, female bosses tend to be better managers, better
advisers, mentors, rational thinkers. Men love to hear themselves talk.
I’m so generalizing. I know I am. But in a couple of places I’ve
worked, I would often say, “Call me 15 minutes after the meeting starts
and then I’ll come,” because I will have missed all the football. I
will have missed all the “what I did on the golf course.” I will miss
the four jokes, and I can get into the meeting when it’s starting.

Men also, they’re definitely better on the “whatever” side. Things tend
to roll off their back. We women take things very personally. We’re
constantly playing things over in our head — “What did that mean when
they said that?” — when they mean nothing. And I’m certainly not immune
to this. So there’s a downside to women.

2 thoughts on “Women Are Better Bosses

  1. I think we’ve got a pretty narrow definition of “boss.” Ask any secretary at a large law firm whether they’d rather work for a male or female partner, and I’d be shocked if the percent choosing women topped 5%.
    That’s primarily for the older women who were already partners when I was starting out. I think there’s also a divide between “first generation” female leaders and those who reached the higher rungs after, say, 1990.


  2. I really don’t think we should generalize who is a better manager by simple gender stereo types which we should have left behind us many years ago.
    I am a female boss and know that I am no worse (nor better) than some of my male colleagues.
    I have worked for both men and women and had good and bad examples within each gender. I personally don’t care what the gender of my boss is – as long as he / she is a good boss.
    Isn’t that all that counts?
    The real office life


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