Midweek Journal

This week, my mom has been babysitting Ian in the morning, and I've been hanging out with him in the afternoons. It has been perfect. It has been enough time to feel like I have made progress on my project. And you don't really need more time than that. After about four hours of solid work in front of a computer, you're really just playing around. It's best to be very efficient for a few hours, then walk away and have fun. Here are some of the fun things that we've been doing:

Yesterday, Ian and I sat on a picnic bench on the shores of the Hudson River for an hour. We tossed popcorn at the stupid ducks and watched a guy sink his boat into the River. We watched the sailboats and discussed how we would like to do that, too.

This morning, I showed Jonah how to make a perfect egg over easy. Jonah ate three.

When Jonah gets home, we're going to make individual baked zitis. I've got little baking dishes and a variety of ingredients. They can assemble their own concoctions.

I got Ian a new water gun from Target. He hid behind the arborvitae and squirted Jonah when he got off his camp bus.

Jonah and I worked on perfecting his spiral throw with the football. Fingers on the laces, Jonah.

What fun things have you done this week?

2 thoughts on “Midweek Journal

  1. I spent some time at the beach! A nearby state park has a beachy area on the lakeshore, so my girlfriend and I packed the kids in her van and spent the afternoon there before the thunderstorm came. Tonight my kids had their first tennis lesson, and we celebrated with ice cream afterward. We’re also reading the second Harry Potter book, which is going swimmingly (and of course, lots of pool time).
    I agree with you on the work-time also– spent three hours this morning doing class prep and other teaching business, and got a lot more done than I do all week during the year!


  2. I just got back from taking a three-year old on his first plane flight for a trip home and a reunion. I doubt I’ll be able to concentrate until after the weekend.


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