Midweek Journal

This is the last day of school for the kids. Now the fun and games begin.

We didn't plan things out too well this summer. I've got the kids in various camps in July, but they only overlap for three weeks. I'm very itchy to get work done, so I'm going to have to fit it into odd hours of the day. I could get a lot done if I let them watch TV and play video games all day, but then they would lead me off to bad mommy prison. Or the kids would end up with the flabby 10-year old bellies that I saw at the swim club yesterday. Trying really hard not to be judgy…

My trick to writing when the kids are around is to print out what I'm working on and leave it on the living room coffee table. I can edit with chaos around me. I can't write new sentences or work on a literature review with chaos. When the kids are home, it's not possible to sit at the computer for more than 15 minutes without getting interrupted for something. Mom, where are my crocs? Mom, he's biting me. Mom, can I use the hammer for a very important project? When I'm in the zone, I get very cranky when interrupted. So, it will be coffee table editing when they're around and writing after Steve gets back from work.

And when I'm not doing coffee table editing, I'm taking the kids on lots of adventures. I'm planning one for tomorrow. I want to take the boys and my nieces to Storm King in upstate New York. It's about 40 minutes away. We'll drive around and look at the sculptures. Then find a shady spot for a picnic. I really want to see Maya Lin's Bodies of Water.

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  1. OMG, Storm King! The husband and I discussed taking the kids there when we roam around the East Coast in August. He went to school at NYMA and he loved to get away to Storm King. We went there last, oh, ten years ago? Take pictures and tell us how it is active boys! 🙂


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