Weekend Journal

Threw my first birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese this weekend. I survived.

Chuck E. Cheese is about the last place that I wanted to throw a birthday party, but I was stuck. There are only nine kids in Ian's class, and they range in age from six to ten. A tumbling party wasn't going to work for the ten year olds. I figured that all kids like video games and loud explosion sounds and greasy pizza.

I was worried. I had heard tales of sensory overloads and spectacular meltdowns. My brother told me that the last time he took his daughter to a party at Chuck E. Cheese, she climbed up one of the tubes to the ceiling and refused to come down. He had to climb up and drag out her out.

Luckily, we didn't have to fish out any kids from the tubes this time. We did have to deal with the scary robot chicken.

DSC_0013 In the front of the eating area, they have large robot barn animals that sing along to music. Some poor sap dresses up as Chuck, and they all do a dance together. Well, one of the six foot robot animals, a singer-chicken, was freaking out all the special ed kids, because she was missing an eyeball. They looked at her with suspicion and fear.
Surprisingly, it wasn't a bad party. It was over in 90 minutes. They took care of everything — cups, plates, straws, goodie bags, pizza, drinks. It was probably the cheapest party I have had ever had for the kids. I don't think I would do it again. The place really smelled. But Chuck didn't suck either.

DSC_0007 The rest of the weekend, I read Bobos in Paradise — is this book really just about shopping? I dealt with the winter-summer clothes swap. I googled swine flu – WebMD is a bad, bad thing for neurotic bloggers.

Closing in for the last week of classes…

4 thoughts on “Weekend Journal

  1. Bowling alleys are big, and laser tag. There’s an itinerant laser tag guy around here, who will set up a laser soldier battle in your choice of parks. One of my kid’s more memorable parties attended involved the parents giving one group Stars and Bars and CSA caps and the other Stars and Stripes and USA caps, and they did some kind of battle, followed by cake. The future is bright for you!


  2. Yes, Dr. Manhattan. I convinced him to leave it at home, so it wouldn’t get lost. He agreed to a baseball cap, one wrist guard, and one watch instead. His sensitivity to clothes does not apply to accessories apparently. Coco Channel.


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