Garden State

DSC_0004 It so freakin' beautiful right now in Northern New Jersey. Because it has been raining for a couple of days, the lawns and trees are extremely happy. They are almost glowing. Everything is a yellowish green, and the browns are dark, nearly black, from the rain. The hills that surround my college are green. The grass on the horse ranches are green. And everything smells like fresh dirt.

Scenes from the Backyard:


2 thoughts on “Garden State

  1. Springtime does something to your brain, doesn’t it.
    My neck of the world is also numbingly beautiful right now: daffodils, tulips, magnolias, cherry trees, trillium, grape hyacinth, beginnings of lilac (buds but not full bloom), forsythia, montana clematis, dogwood in some places, redbud trees, pear blossoms, and that faint light green of new tree leaves. I’ve been trying to take regular photographs, so that I can map back to the times (kind of like Thomas Jefferson’s garden, except with digital cameras). We even had a delightful weekend an two more days where we realized that the sun does actually shine around here. We’re back to our normal drizzle this morning, but it’s bearable after yesterday.


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