Weekday Journal

Yesterday, I went into the city for a couple of meetings. I had just missed rush hour and made it into the city in record time. I was over the GW Bridge in less than half an hour. The FDR Drive was empty. If you are used to crawling down the FDR Drive in back to back traffic, it is entirely different experience with no cars. There's a slight downhill around Highbridge Park and lots of twists and turns. The potholes have been badly patched up. So, if you are going 60 down the FDR drive, it's a white knuckle experience. I was getting air around the turns. Wahoo! Dukes of Hazzard in Manhattan.

I've been grading papers all week, but I have been unable to shrink the pile. Dark magic must be involved. This is going to be a light blogging day, so I don't lose the weekend to grading.

We're thinking about vacations for the summer. The latest plan is a cabin on Lake George in early August. And, maybe, we'll drive to Toronto over Memorial Day. If anybody has suggestions about Lake George, I would love input.

2 thoughts on “Weekday Journal

  1. Toronto is wonderful and has lots of fun family activities. Let me know if you need ideas. One good/bad thing: Memorial Day is not a holiday here (we have Victoria Day the week before). The good is that places won’t be holiday-weekend crowded. The bad is that places that normally close on Mondays won’t be holiday-weekend open. But if you are driving home on Monday that won’t be a big problem.


  2. LOL, we’re looking at a lakefront cabin, too. But in the Catskills, probably. My sister in Sloatsburg has a newborn (he’ll be 6 months by then) so we don’t want her to have to drive too far.
    I’m teaching the July term this year, What a bad idea! But the extra money is too appealing.


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