Weekday Journal

It's 9:24. I have been semi-awake for 2-1/2 hours. What have I done?

I fed two kids breakfast, dressed one and yelled at the other to put on something warmer, and packed two lunches. I took a shower, dried my hair, put on heels, packed my school bag. Shoved the milk and the ham back in the fridge. The dirty dishes stayed on the table. I got one on a school bus and dropped off the other at school for intramural basketball. I did that in one hour.

I drove to school (1/2 hour), got a roll and a coffee, gave the media review sheet to the secretary to copy, graded a paper, found a video on the new rules regarding the coffins of dead servicemen to show to the media class. Reviewed Machiavelli. In a few minutes, we're going to discuss whether it's better to use your own troops or mercenaries and whether it's better to be loved or feared. Answer: own troops and feared.

I've got a sore throat. I'll be back to blogging real stuff later this afternoon.

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