Live Blogging the Oscars

OK. I'm ready, guys. Well, sort of ready. I'm preparing for classes, watching the Oscars and blogging about it all at the same time. That means a lot of running up and down the stairs.

I've been re-reading the assignments for tomorrow, while curled up on the sofa watching the pre-Oscar party. Loving all the crunched up dresses and the big jewelry. The used tissue look. Not a fan of the poofy, ballerina dresses.

So, my boyfriend, Hugh Jackman, started off a bit rough with that song and dance routine. But he really relaxed and got into a grove when he brought Anne Hathaway on the stage and she did the Nixon thing. I loved how the last line of his song was, "I am Wolverine!"

I am HATING the long tributes to the current winners by former winners. Too long. Too boring. Snore-fest. And did you see Goldie Hawn's boobs? That dress was cutting them off at the wrong place. There was spillage and near nipple exposure. Not a good look. Tilda Swinton was fab, as always.

Oh, cruel Oscar people. Why did you put Jennifer Aniston to the left of the stage? I wanted her right in front of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and their death stares. 

How brilliant that Ben Stiller was mocking Joaquin Phoenix. How many people got that joke?

Slumdog is cleaning up. Fantastic. 

I like musicals. I hate medleys. I wish that they had just let Beyonce sing the Ella song. That medley number did not go over very well.

Heath Ledger got the best supporting actor. That was predictable, but sad.

I'm losing interest. There's no drama tonight. I'm resorting to making PowerPoint slides on the First Amendment. That's bad. The only thing I'm looking forward to is a Mickey Rourk acceptance speech. 

The most memorable part of this evening has to be Zev Patel's puppy dog face. The camera keeps panning to him every time Slumdog wins something, and it's such fun to see his won-the-lottery expressions. 

When the musician from Slumdog won one of his two awards, he said that when given the choice to live a life of love or life of hate, he chose love.

6 thoughts on “Live Blogging the Oscars

  1. Tilda may be fab as a person, but at first I thought she was one of those living statues I see at Waterfire.
    We’re way behind in our viewing, but we have it on TiVo. Cruz just won in our house. And ooh, Tina Fey and Steve Martin. If you haven’t seen Baby Mama, it’s really worth a rental.


  2. Laura, nothing is too corny for me. I know I hide my marshmallow interior with my trenchant critical voice, but deep inside, there is pure, unadulterated high fructose corn syrup mixed with gelatin into gloppy marshmallowy goodness.
    *whisper*I grade most effectively when listening to 1970s musical soundtracks like Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar or more current fare like Mamma Mia and Once More With Feeling.


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