Midweek Journal

Steve's been home all week. I worked, but not terribly hard. It's like we won the lottery.

I hate to blow one of Steve's four vacation weeks stuck in the house in this nasty February. The few remaining mounds of snow are black – crystallized dirt. We could be using this week to explore much more exotic locales than a New Jersey suburb. No money. No time. And it's probably a good thing anyway, since Ian came down with strep throat. Despite the crystallized snow and strep throat, it's been a great week.

Normally, I'm parked in front of my Mac in this big, drafty house for three days of the week. I work on the blog for a while. Read the paper. Catch up on the RSS feed. Answer e-mail on three different accounts. I prepare for classes, read, work on projects, or whatever counts as professor work.

It's all good except for the alone part. I hate working at home alone. I'm planning on staying home to write next year, and I am very worried that the isolation is going to turn me to drugs and hard liquor. I'm going to have to figure out ways to be around other human beings. Crashing into old people in the supermarket doesn't count.

So, this week, we've all been together. There's been a constant traffic in my office and, since I am not working on anything stressful, it's nice. On Tuesday, we sat on the sofa in our jammies watching cartoons until ten. The other days, I worked whenever I felt like it.

I also didn't have to constantly monitor the clock for bus times, breakfast, teaching schedules all by myself. Steve was here to feed the kids breakfast, while I showered and packed my bags. I didn't have to rush back from school to get the kids off the schools bus. This is what it must be like to have a SAHM.

This morning, I left for work and the boys were putting coins in a map of the US and were working on a doorbell science kit. Ian is very into science these days. He's still not so much into the talking, but he operates a mean screwdriver. He loves taking his toy cars apart and putting them back together.

I came back mid-afternoon and, with Steve watching the boys and no homework to attend to, I had the time to make a proper meal. I rolled up chicken breasts with spinach, prosciutto and parmigiana cheese and simmered them in chicken broth and lemon juice. One of the stray neighbor boys meowed until we let him stay for dinner, too.

It's been fabulous to have all this help and company. I'm plotting some way of keeping it going for a while longer. How can we keep up this week of cartoons, random projects, and staying up till 1:00am playing dumb video games? (Well, Steve's video games are dumb. Mine improve the mind and make the world a better place.) The most realistic option that I have is MegaMillions.

3 thoughts on “Midweek Journal

  1. This is funny, because a few days ago I wrote about how isolated I felt working from home.
    Can you break the day up by going to the gym or meeting up with friends for lunch?


  2. Yes, I think I’m going to spend more time at the gym. I may also set up some community groups, because we don’t have too much in our community right now.


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