Cabin Fever

It's been a tough winter. New Jersey is butt-ugly right now. Grey snow and naked trees. We've all been stuck inside so way too long.

I have found myself surfing travel-geek websites. Through some random links, I came to a TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert. I couldn't watch the whole thing, because I have a pet-peeve about writers calling themselves artists. Artists paint pictures. Actors, singers, and writers are NOT artists. And you are not a writer until you've actually published something. OK, rant over.

But I surfed around and found her website, which was interesting. She's running a cute import business with a fun website. And from there I went to the dancing YouTube guy's website.

I need a vacay. I'm looking for cheap flights to Key West in August. Too hot then?

9 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. I wouldn’t go to Florida in August. I could barely bear it in May.
    I desperately need a vacation, too. We’re headed to San Diego in 2 and a half weeks. I love the trimester system! Yeah, I’m taking the kids out of school for 4 days, but I don’t care. We’re going to the SD Zoo to see koalas, which are very educational.


  2. I used to go to Key West with my sister-in-law in August. Now, I’m from the South, so heat is good in my opinion. Yes, it’s hot, but just stay in the pool. And the evenings feel wonderful. It’s great to be able to walk around at night in tank tops and flip flops. Also, one year, our hotel was hosting an event with one of John Kerry’s sisters (I think) and we got to hang at it. Kind of cool.


  3. Yes, Florida in August it too hot. But then, I’ve actually experienced worse in Atlantic City in July. I don’t know if that is bad luck or just the way Atlantic City is so that you don’t leave the casino for long.


  4. Tolstoy not an artist? Um.
    Not that it’s likely to change the peeve, but isn’t artist the overarching category? Under which there are painters, sculptors, composers, poets, filmmakers, actors, dancers, musicians, Zen gardeners, and Robert Wilson?
    Because otherwise you’ve got some odd things going on, like Walt Disney artist (because he’s painting) but Orson Welles not-artist (because he’s using a camera), followed of course by Fantasia art (because painted by hand) but Toy Story not-art (because painted by computers).
    Anyway, a little cabin fever relief; for full effect, scroll down to Boat Drinks live at Fenway.


  5. I’ve never been to Florida. We should have tried harder to find the time and money to go when we lived in the South. Now the nearest beaches we have are the Texas Gulf Coast, I suppose, and I hear most of them are disgusting.
    My wife gets hit harder by the ugliness and depression of Januray and February harder than I do; it’s a rough season for her. The fact she’s had a cough for over two weeks and doesn’t seem to be getting better only compounds it. A real vacation would be nice.


  6. We went to Florida last year on spring break and it was GLORIOUS. However it also cost in the neighborhood of $5K all in. So that’s, uh, well, that’s not happening this year.
    Personally, in the summer I head *north*, not south. I’m all about the Boundary Waters and Door County in August. But then again I can get a sunburn walking in from the parking lot.


  7. ” It’s great to be able to walk around at night in tank tops and flip flops”
    I miss this. That hot tropical feeling, where humidity surrounds you, and you feel embraced by the darkness? And, of course, there should be a strong scent of flowers that others would categorize as cloying. Nobody here in my neck of the woods agrees, but then, they don’t know what it feels like to be truly warm.
    (We went to HI this winter break, but it was cool enough that we didn’t get the tropical warmth).


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