Question of the Day — Game or Other?

I'm going to a Super Bowl party or two tonight. Truth be told, I don't like football. I had to ask Jonah who was playing and then pretended that I had just forgotten. But I do like watching the Super Bowl. A) There's the parties. Always a good thing. B) There's the commercials. C)Beer.

Question of the Day
— Are you going to watch the game? What do you like more: the game or everything else?

UPDATE: You can watch the commercials here. That's okay. I'm still going to the parties for the chicken wings and beer.


9 thoughts on “Question of the Day — Game or Other?

  1. No Super Bowl here. I had to give up football when I got married (what did he give up? James Taylor. I refused to have that swill played in my house).
    I would go to a Super Bowl party, though. Wish I were in NY with my BILs, who would be hilarious company to watch the game with.


  2. I read in the news paper that 5% of the chicken wings consumed in USA every year get consumed at Super Bowl parties. That’s a lot of wings…


  3. Between toddler-sedating and needing to be ready for Monday, I’ll probably only watch the 2nd and 3rd quarters. What is scary is that Pittsburgh Public schools are running on a two-hour delay tomorrow so as not to stress over-excited/depressed parents.


  4. We watched, ’cause we’re part of the far-flung Steeler’s Nation. I don’t like football, but I find the phenomenon of the Steelers (with which I am personally familiar) fascinating.
    Anyone notice that Obama gave a non-weasly answer on which team he supports: Steelers all the way, because of Rooney and his steadfast support? And, the man pegged the score, too (“Steelers will eek it out in a close one.”)


  5. We went for a walk through Old Town to the waterfront. The streets were empty. There were very few people in the restaurants: several had only one table working. There had been more people out Christmas Day!


  6. I did the week’s grocery shopping, put a pot roast in the oven for dinner, then took my son (18-y-o) to the mall for a haircut and some clothes: a sweater, socks, and underwear. Came home, knitted a little, and made a pot of black-eyed peas to take for lunch this week. After dinner I watched the new episode of Big Love with my husband, then read a few chapters of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.


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