Weekend Journal

Busy, busy, lazy.

It's been a strange couple of weeks marked by holidays, family, work deadlines and lots of home time. Steve worked on and off over the past couple of weeks, but he was mostly home. The kids and I were home from school. Between the holidays and the cold weather, we were mostly inside. I also have had a terrible cold for a week and haven't left the house in days. Sure, there were lots of things to do — setting up for the holidays, entertaining relatives, finishing grading, a mad effort at finishing off a paper, but there was also lots of time sitting in front of the new TV and the new wii.

We were curled up in front of the TV tonight watching Hannah Montana, and I started prepping Ian for the fact that school was going to start tomorrow. He was pouting. "No school tomorrow. School is boring." Jonah was bummed out, too. Steve's regular Sunday evening gloom returned.

We had started new routines over the past week. Two hours of family wii time. Ian is the champion virtual bowler, while Jonah is the king of Super Smash Brawl. They have created thirty or forty avatars. We sucked in all the grandparents into the game, too.

We also did some learning stuff with the kids. Jonah and I worked on taking math tests on a website that the school district has rented out. I have to undo some "mental math" crap that they've been doing at school. I had to convince him that if you write out the equations, you make less mistakes.

Ian started swimming class, which was intended to not only get him some exercise, but get him into a mainstream activity. We were very worried that he wasn't going to be able to hear the instructor's voice in a pool with lots of echoes and that he wasn't going to cooperate. But he was a champ and I called my mom from the bleachers to share the good news.

Steve got the boys out of the house today for a hike in the woods, while I worked on a paper. I looked at over 400 election related videos today. Those videos had over 40 million views. Simply amazing. Every error, every gaff was magnified. Ads, speeches, debates were seen a million times more. The people who watch that stuff were crammed with more information than they ever were before. I've got to stop counting and start writing.

As much fun as I'm having pulling this paper together, I wish I had the time these past two weeks to be a hundred percent lazy. A hundred percent a mom. This paper is due in a few days and I'm going to turn off work for a week. I'm going to keep plugging away with Jonah on the math. I'm going to teach Ian some new words. I'm going to play the wii when they're all at school.



3 thoughts on “Weekend Journal

  1. “I have to undo some “mental math” crap that they’ve been doing at school. I had to convince him that if you write out the equations, you make less mistakes.”
    Welcome back to the dark side!


  2. “They have created thirty or forty avatars. ”
    Do you have an aversion to calling them “Miis”? 😉 I love it when Soph says “Hey Eric, let’s go make some Miis! Dad, can we borrow your computer?” Then they make Miis of Muppets, Darth Vader, and their various Webkinz. Keeps them amused for hours.


  3. We got a Wii for Xmas too. I finally broke down and played with it after the kids went to bed last night, all by myself. I was terrible. The kids and the husband make it look so easy….


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