Culture Vultures

Last Sunday, Steve and I got all dressed up for Fancy Date in New York City Night. We have these super special nights that involve lots of expensive babysitting time about as often as leap year, so we were very excited. We had tickets for a hot play and dinner reservations. Steve even took it upon himself to call the babysitter and line her up. Go Steve. Yes, the hours of complaining that it’s always ME who calls the babysitter did work. Now we can move on to complaining that it’s always ME who dusts the pictures. Not that I really do that, but whatever.

We saw August: Osage County. It’s a lovely, heart-warming tale of a family that comes together after the father commits suicide. The mother is a chain-smoker, hooked on pills, and suffers from mouth cancer. She rips into her daughters and other family members until they leave the stage in tears. An soon-to-be uncle molests his 15 year old niece. The aunt confesses that she had an affair with the dead husband. Her son is having an affair with his cousin, but it really turns out that they are brother and sister. It was great.

During the intermissions, Steve and I scanned the actor bios in the Playbill, because we were too horror-struck to talk to each other. The first one was in some Steppenwolf production (didn’t see it), the next one played Hamlet in some fancy theater (didn’t see it), another was in some Tony award winning play (didn’t see it). We got to the bio of the actress who played the 15 year old pothead/molestee (is that a word?). Turns out she was the voice of JoJo on JoJo’s Circus. We were really impressed with her.

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