Wicked tired today. Up late peeling wallpaper and up at 5:00 with a coughing five year old. So, here’s some pictures of Ian and my new neice. (Now step away from the digital camera, Chris.)



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  1. Interesting enough, I was awake at 5:00am with a coughing one-year-old. That is, coughing until she spit all of her flem up onto my bathrobe.
    Ian is beautiful boy. The wide blue eyes, the golden reddish-blonde hair: what a charmer! Having read your other post, I can picture him following you around, smiling, watching you with those silent, intelligent, knowing eyes. It must break your heart and fill you with pride, sometimes, maybe even at the exact same time. Sort of makes me wish I had a son.


  2. Russell, I’ve got a 7-year-old son I’m willing to sell, cheap (at least today!). He doesn’t have the great hair, though, or those sweet wide eyes. He is really, really beautiful, Laura!!


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