New Jersey: Protect Your Money!

I started a post last week about the politics in my new state of New Jersey, but never finished it. I was wondering why New Jersey, which traditionally goes Democratic, was polling very strongly for Bush. Was it because New Jersey was impacted greatly by 9/11? I didn’t feel that I had enough information, so I never hit the publish button.

Well, apparently, there are other reasons. Check out this sign in one of the spanking new suburbs in Central New Jersey. “Protect your Rights. Money. Property.” (Thanks to K., for sending me the photo.)


5 thoughts on “New Jersey: Protect Your Money!

  1. Let me guess–that building in the background is a house. We have a few of those here in suburban Philadelphia (okay, a lot. I’m on the Main Line). Interestingly, they’re breaking down the middle because they tend to be socially liberal. There are quite a few senate–state and federal–races that are close. There’s a street that I drive down as a shortcut on my way to work and it’s filled with these medium-sized mansions, all valued around 750,000 and the whole street has Kerry signs. I love that.


  2. Ummm…what about freedom of speech, freedom from loyalty oaths, freedom from undue government intrusion into our lives? Are they forgetting all these things? None of which Bush supports?


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