Do you think people are freaked out about ebola? Let’s check out the most read stories in various newspapers.

First, the New York Times…



Of the ten most viewed articles at the New York Times this morning, five are about ebola. From the Washington Post, …


Of the five most read articles at the Washington Post this morning, three are about ebola.

Vox has 25 stories about ebola.

Sexting and Feminism

So, I just read Hanna Rosin’s long article in the Atlantic about sexting. The title of the article is “Why Kids Sext.” She doesn’t really tell me why they do it. She sorta says that kids don’t have time to interact in person, because they are so over scheduled. That explains late night texting and Instagramming, not so much the sexting.

And sexting doesn’t seem to be the correct word for the phenomenon that she’s describing. Sexting is mutual dirty talk using a cell phone. What she describes is girls flashing naked pictures to their boyfriends, some of whom are dirtbags who pass the photos around to friends. I don’t think that teenage boys are sending pictures of their parts to girls. That imbalance bothers me.

Also, she talks about girls sending these pictures to guys that they like and hope to date. Ugh. So much insecurity. What do these guys do? Just flip through the naked pictures of girls and pick out the best one? Ugh.

Egg Freezing as a Dubious Benefit

Last night, the evening news announced that Facebook and Apple were subsidizing the cost of egg freezing for their female employees, and I rolled my eyes. It’s a good thing for many reasons, don’t get me wrong. Younger eggs means less risk for all sorts of disabilities. But really my first thought was that the women in those companies need to have their eggs frozen, because they don’t have a chance to start a family until late in their 40s. The work-life balance must suck at those places.

And sure enough, lots of other women had the same reaction to that story.

Old Chemical Weapons in Iraq, Government Secrets, and Errors

The New York Times has a great long article with lots of cool maps and videos about Iraq’s old chemical weapons. After 9/11, Americans soldiers did find chemical weapons, just not new chemical weapons. This annoying fact wasn’t really convenient, so it was covered up by the government. And a whole lot of American soldiers were exposed to chemical nastiness.

Worth the read.


Over the weekend, I told Steve that I was very worried about Amanda Bynes. And Steve was all like, ‘who’s Amanda Bynes?” Because he reads books and shit and doesn’t watch Access Hollywood after dinner. Silly boy. I had to explain that Amanda Bynes was one of those Disney stars who is now insane. Here, you can catch up at TMZ.

She has been publically unravelling for a week or so. The gossip websites have been documenting the mess. Her parents basically had to trick her to get her to California where they get her involuntarily locked up for a few days until the anti-psychotic meds could take effect.

It’s really hard to lock up a person in a mental health facility without their consent. Do we need to rethink this policy?

SL 628

It’s a day off around here. The kids are home from school. Steve’s home. We’re using this bonus day to catch up with life. I’m chugging through my chore list by the side of the computer. Hell, I might even make it to the bottom of the list and actually schedule a doctor’s check-up for myself. It’s only been about six or seven years. No biggie, right?

So, what am I reading this morning?

I have to admit that I’m fascinated with Ebola.

I had a crappy landlord in Manhattan, but this is disgusting. I think that there should be more public humiliation of these assholes.

The demographics of cable news shows explains all those Cealis ads.

House and Home


This is the year that we spent a ton of money doing really boring things to the house. Last week, we put a new roof on the house. This was one of the before shots. I haven’t taken an after shot yet, but imagine a darker roof without a leaky spot over Ian’s bedroom. While you’re at it, imagine that someone took the garbage cans in the garage and trimmed the plant over the garage, aka, The Eyebrow. Okay, then imagine that the diseased crab apple tree with five remaining leaves has been replaced with a smaller, healthier shrub.

Unhealthy Sports

When I was in high school, the track team gave me more than a cardboard box of medal and plaques in my basement. I gained confidence and grit that carried me into adulthood. I’ve always been a huge supporter of sports for kids for that reason. But, lately, there have been a series of disturbing stories about high school sports.

All those knocks to the brain in football makes me question whether or not that sport should exist. Soccer goalies may be getting cancer from the artificial turf.

And there’s all the weird and inappropriate behavior that happens in the locker room. A local football team was doing pretty awful things to the freshman on the team.

My oldest kid is on the high school cross country team. He’s a sophomore who is running on the varsity team. They do eight miles every day. His coach just chewed him out for skipping the Sunday practice. I thought that running seven days a week was excessive, so I told him to skip Sundays. The coach didn’t like that and cursed him out after practice this week.

People need to chill out.