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Hello, hello, friends. After seven days of malingering and much self pity, I’m finally on the mend from the sniffly cold that wouldn’t end. I have a ton of work to do, including some basic maintenance of the book shop.

I’m feeling very pleased at the moment, because I found a first edition, sixth printing of Finnegan’s Wake in the stacks in the basement. A first edition, first printing is worth thousands, but this one is still a nice $200. I think I paid ten cents for the book. Yay!

For the blog, I am several half baked thoughts that need debate and eyeballs this week, but first let me share some links.

Growing buzz that Kamala and Joe aren’t getting along.

Ghislaine Maxwell is a dirtbag, but her prison treatment isn’t cool.

The press is totally on a Queen Elizabeth death watch. Grusome. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in big trouble. Best articles are coming from the Daily Beast. I might have to do a post on this, because it’s all so tragic. It’s almost operatic.

Lots of chatter about the University of Austin. Megan McArdle weighs in. From Woke College to Woke Media: Andrew Sullivan talks about Media Gone Wrong. I’ll try to write about this more later.

Kids can’t read. The pandemic made it worse. Teachers are getting retrained from the ed school nonsense. It’s back to phonics.

Mental health among kids is ridiculously bad.

Career and Technical education is where it’s at. They’re building a huge new facility near us. When Ian’s done with this transition program, I would rather than he get his tech training at a place like this, than at the local community college.

Schools are in big, big economic trouble. I tweeted a bit about this over the weekend. I’ll do a post about it later.

Winter running gear.

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