Travel – Five Days in Bermuda

If there are two types of people — travelers and vacationers — Steve and I self-identify as travelers. We like exploring, finding the undiscovered restaurants in alleys, covering lots of territory with essential clothing on our backs. We go to churches, museums, government buildings. On our honeymoon, Steve and I backpacked between Madrid and Fez.

But this past week, we took a vacation to Bermuda that involved the barest minimum of adventure. We mostly ate delicious, if somewhat predictable, meals at the resort. The resort was too remote for easy access to unique food spots and other kinds of adventures, though we did break out a couple of times getting lunch-time tips from cab drivers. We spent a whole lot of time floating in crystal clear water and drinking rum drinks under an umbrella.

And it was exactly what I needed. I relaxed. After 18 months of remote schools/college, stress had become my new normal. We had guys working on our house for two months with urgent questions about gutter colors and soffit styles. It’s hard to remember why I cared about those things before I left. I brought along my keyboard, but I never opened it up. RIP two writing opportunities.

International travel during a pandemic adds a layer of difficulty to a vacation. Even though we got tested before the trip, we had to get tested again in the airport. On Day 3, we had to take a 40 minute cab ride to the capital to get another COVID test in the post office. But those hassles weren’t a game changer for us. There was still plenty of time to swim and drink.

COVID has been a game changer for the Island economy, however. A large percentage of the tourists to the Island come through the cruise ships, which are still not operating. After the COVID test in Hamilton, we went to a British-style pub for lunch. We were their only customers at noon.

Once or twice, I wondered what would happen if war and virus overran the rest of the world, and we became stranded in Bermuda.

So, what’s the food like in Bermuda? A mix of Caribbean fish and fruit, Indian curries, and English pub food. It is super expensive, because almost everything has to be imported to the Island. Fish sandwiches are excellent, and surprisingly delicious on raisin bread. Jonah and Steve got fish stews with a dash of rum. I preferred my rum in drinks — Dark and Stormy’s and Swizzles were favorites.

There’s a lot going on the Island – museums and culture – but the highlight is the natural beauty of the island with its volcanic caves and hills and little alcoves where the fish come out to greet you like an old friend. I think if we go back, we’ll rent a boat for a day or two to find new places to swim and drink.