Plague, Part 12, Updates From Jersey, March 15, 2020

Last night, our mayor sent out a notice that there are five positive cases at the town hospital; two are local residents. Rutgers has a professor who tested positive. Jonah said that his roommates aren’t feeling so hot.

We’re not in an official lockdown mode in the town yet, but I’m sure that it will happen soon. My family is officially locked down by the jurisdiction of me. I enough food for two weeks.

The mayor and superintendent sent out angry emails yelling at the parents of high school and college kids who let them go out this weekend. Idiot kids think this is some kind of a party. There must be NO CONTACT at all with any outsiders.

We’re all going to get sick anyway, but if we flatten the curve that may save my parents’ lives. And I am rather fond of them.

If there’s a silver lining to this whole catastrophe, people are outside walking and hiking like crazy. It’s a good thing, because it will keep us healthy and our immune systems prepared to beat this virus. It’s a good habit anyway. We went for a walk this morning, and will head out again in an hour.

The malls, churches, schools, government are all closed now. Small businesses are hurting badly, but we’re going to have to deal with that problem later.

I’m about to shop online. The GAP, Banana Republic, and J.Crew are all having 50% off sales. I’ll post links to good stuff later. Let’s keep the economy moving!!

If you want to do something good, get on Facebook and give your friends and family positive reinforcement for social distancing. Many people are still surprisingly ignorant, especially those who aren’t on other forms of social media.

Now some links: