The Inclusivity Investment: Schools and Community Must Work Together To Serve All

In last week’s Apt.11D newsletter — my eclectic newsletter that’s a spin-off from my long time blog — I wrote about the school shooting in Texas. I wrote that prevention of such horrors has to involve more than gun control. We also must make schools nicer places, where all students feel like they are appreciated and have an equal chance at success. I explained that as a special ed parent, I knew first hand how it felt to be marginalized and alienated from the dominant school culture. 

Like any good pundit, I tried to use current events to push my pet policy issues. But, to be honest, my biggest concern isn’t shootings — gun control experts should talk about shootings. My main interest is helping the millions of those young people, who aren’t going to Harvard or Yale, and end up forgotten when high school is done.

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