How-to Guide/Introduction – A Summer Plan

In the seventeen years (wow) that I’ve blogged here at Apt. 11D, I have written about a lot of stuff. Sometimes I have written political and social commentary. Other times, I’ve put on the housewife/mom hat and written diary posts. Along the way, I’ve posted quite a few “how to” type posts with tips and tricks for cooking, home organizing, career, and parenting.

I could have had a bigger blog with a wider audience if I had one defining purpose for this blog, but being a professional blogger was never a goal. I always used this site as a platform to think and chat about whatever was on my mind that morning. It was always a hobby.

My project for the summer is to dig up those old “how to” posts and revise them. My goal is to rewrite/write two per week. I will create a menu option for those guides at the top of this blog. If I create enough, I might even cross post that content in a new blog or website.

As the virus has upended our lives, we have all gained a few new skills this spring, but we’ll need more. It’s no secret that I am a little pessimistic that life will return to normal in a few months. Even if it does, I think we’ve all gotten the taste for doing things for ourselves and will continue with many aspects of our new self-sufficient lifestyle. We have learned that we aren’t as helpless as we thought.

If you come here regularly for the political and social commentary, please stay. We’ll still talk about Biden’s VP selection and the upcoming election. This blog will continue its random ways, even as I struggle to create a little order in one corner of it.

Thanks, all, for continuing to show up here year after year. If you have suggestions for content that you would like to see, let me know.