Should Schools Be Accountable for Special Education? Yes

Ian was rocking his summer college class — Introduction to Computing — with a bunch of A’s on assignments, so I wasn’t paying attention until he got a 69 on his last quiz. After looking at his Moodle platform, the problem was rather obvious — with 2 hours to complete this open book exam, Ian whizzed through 34 multiple choice questions in 13 minutes and 22 seconds. So, we had a long chat about test strategies — he should have used up his exam time, checked his answers, looked up words that he didn’t know, and prepared ahead of time by preparing a Quizlet (online flashcards) for himself with keywords. 

Good exam strategies are just one of many huge gaps in Ian’s education. Want to hear another horrible gap? He can’t read. He can figure things out enough to get through his college tech classes, but he can’t really read. He won’t be able to get through the English class requirement at his community college without us ghostwriting his papers for him.

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