Education Must Lead to Jobs: Research On Non-College Options (Part 1)

Over the weekend, as part of our pandemic-winter challenge of weekend day trips, we walked around Princeton University. While it’s only an hour drive from our house, with its gothic arches and its smug and sheltered students, Princeton is a continent away from our reality.

I tied up an article on boys and mental health for Edutopia (coming soon) on Friday, and started a hiatus on freelance writing. I’m going to be very busy figuring out a plan for my youngest son, who will finish high school in three months. As I explained in my newsletter a couple of weeks ago, I am not entirely sure of what we should do for a kid with autism (a light form) and no intellectual disabilities. Since a four-year college isn’t an option, at least right now, I have to trek through a variety of options in the next month.

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