He’s Got It

Last night, at around 2:00 am, I woke up. Nothing unusual about that. I have middle-age insomnia. After cracking the window and drinking some water, I reached over to pick up my phone and opened twitter. Donald Trump and Melania Trump have COVID. When Steve turned over in bed, I told him.

What’s going to happen next?

Steve and I have Fox News on the TV outside our office. We switched from CNN to FOX yesterday, because we wanted to learn how the other side was framing Trump’s performance. All day yesterday, they said that Trump wasn’t rude. In fact, his performance showed how strong he was and that Biden was weak. You know what they didn’t mention once yesterday? COVID.

Today, it’s all COVID on FOX.

Like Dr. Strange in the Avengers Infinity Wars, I’m going through all the various scenarios: he never gets super sick, he gets super sick, he dies, he infects the White House, he infected Biden, Biden dies, Pelosi gets it, and so on. None of the outcomes are great. Mass panic, political destabilization, martyrdom are all on the table.

I’ll be updating this post all morning.