Quick Prep, Sunday Dinner for Eleven

Helping my kids through the school shutdowns during the pandemic was challenging, but, in some ways, the recovery period, since last September, was even tougher for my family. It’s been an 60-hour per week job for months. But a lot happened last week, and I’m hopeful that I can move on and recover from their recovery.

With that huge weight off my shoulders, Steve and I did a lot of things this weekend that had nothing to do with the kids. We went out a date night dinner at a fancy fish restaurant. We ran our first 5K of 2022. I bought fresh flowers for the dining room.

And we made an easy Sunday meal for 11. We prepped everything two hours before everyone showed up.

It all started with some mushrooms. I sliced them up and later sautéed them butter and sherry. They went along with beef and chicken burgers, roasted broccoli with bread crumbs, spicy kale, mashed potatoes, garden salad, mom’s bean salad, tons of little apps, wine and Defiant beer. 

Sunday dinner, Jersey style!