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Hi all. Working on a grant today, and forcing myself to go outside for some exercise. Overwhelmed with life, I shutdown for a couple of days and re-read the whole Hunger Games series for the probably the seventh time. I needed some good escapist fun. But now it’s time to return to reality.

In Anne Helen Peterson’s newsletter, she interviews Meg Conley, who specializes in writing about home-stuff (I think) about the mom-fluencer, Hannah Neeleman, better known by her family’s Instagram handle, Ballerinafarm. Neeleman is a Julliard trained dancer, mother of six or seven, Mormon, living on a fabulous ranch in Utah with her husband whose family formerly owned Jet Blue. So, yeah, just like you and me. Anyway, I’m fascinated by Neeleman and am now following her on Instagram.

“A painting worth £740,000 has been destroyed after a ‘bored’ security guard drew eyes on faceless figures depicted in the artwork at a Russian gallery.”

I’m fascinated with social programs lately. Said no one ever. Except for me. I think it’s the natural progression from education writing. After all, most people who leave the K-12 system don’t ever graduate from college. What happens to them after that? Some get jobs. Others don’t. Anyway, I’m reading articles like this profile of the guy who heads New York City’s Department of Social Services.

I thrilled that fine china is back in style. If you love it, too, go to your local estate sales. They are giving it away.

“Why Liberal Suburbs Face a New Round of School Mask Battles” Yeah, I’ve told you guys all this weeks ago.

I’m going to paint my basement ceiling black.

Picture: Bookstores are my happy place. This is a little one in the West Village, New York City, Three Lives and Company.

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