Community: Team Will or Team Chris?

Did you see Will Smith smack Chris Rock during the Oscars? I did. I thought it was a joke at first. Wow. That was some massive inappropriate behavior. The Hollywood types are being very slow to say that smacking a comedian in the face is kinda a bad thing. Some were actually cheering him on. (Off-topic link to royal family blind gossip.) Others are totally on Team Chris and with some comedians talking about leaving the profession entirely.

Loved this line from the New Yorker’s piece: “When Smith won the award he’d come to collect, he put on yet another performance for the now totally mortified crowd. Venus and Serena, up in a box, looked as if they’d just finished watching “The Blair Witch Project” for the first time..”

Was Will Smith defending his wife against a mean-spirited joke and, therefore, justified? Was Chris Rock just doing his job and really didn’t deserve being hit in the face on national television? Team Chris or Team Will?