Winery Moments

On Friday, I took off for a long weekend with a group of local friends to celebrate two 50th birthdays. We visited the wineries of the North Folk of Long Island. It was very fun and silly and worth the COVID risk, which is actually pretty low around here right now.

It was weird leaving Steve and Ian. We haven’t been parted beyond a few hours here and there since March. I haven’t totally stepped away from work and chores for months. It was a much needed brain and social skill reboot.

Just a couple of quick notes about the weekend before moving on to other topics.

It wasn’t a super political weekend, because the friends are normal people, but Trump and the election did come up for discussion a few times. It was a political diverse group, and the friends agreed that it was stupid to let politics destroy friendships.

Also, while people were going to vote differently, there was a broad agreement that there were concerned about the crime rate in New York City and felt that there needed to more pushback again BLM protesters who hold ACAB (all cops are bad) signs. With two real estate agents in the group, they had plenty of stories about selling homes to fleeing New Yorkers and all the people who were now living permanently at their second homes in the Hamptons.

Getting out of the Hamptons always has a massive suck factor. Long Island is one skinny strip of land with tons of people and only two highways. I rarely go out there for that reason and mock my friends who live out there. It can take two hours to get from my house to the Hamptons. Or it might take five hours. You never know. Sure, if you have a private helicopter, it’s fine, but mine is in the shop.

On the way out, traffic was even worse than normal because we got stuck behind a massive Trump rally. There are a lot of cops out in Long Island. Democrats have to come out stronger on policing issue, because I am increasingly worried about November. Biden’s mental health is causing serious concerns, too.

When I was out there, I got a text from a friend back at home telling me that RBG died. Oh, fuck, right? Like we need another drama this fall.

Schools are going to be an issue, too. I’m not totally unhappy right now, because Ian’s school is doing a decent job, but my friends in the city are crying on Facebook.

Alright, those were just some notes. I’ll be back with something more coherent later this afternoon or tomorrow morning.