Links about Eric Cantor’s Loss

Here’s what I’m reading about Eric Cantor’s loss in Virginia this morning.

“No sitting majority leader has lost a primary since the position was invented in 1899.” Molly Ball, Atlantic. 

“In retrospect, there were signs Cantor felt endangered. As the Washington Postreported, in a dispatch that seemed far-fetched at the time but now appears prescient, Cantor was booed at a local Republican gathering last month, and his handpicked candidate for district GOP chair was defeated. His campaign aired TV ads and sent mailers crediting him for blocking immigration reform—signs he had begun to sense a threat. Meanwhile, Brat, a Tea Party activist, was championed by national conservatives like Ann Coulter and Mark Levin.” More Molly

A Buzzfeed run-down of his platform — anti-immigration, pro-guns, pro-life

“David Brat, the man who derailed Representative Eric Cantor’s congressional career and aspirations to become speaker of the House, faced such long odds in his challenge to the No. 2 House Republican that he failed to win the backing of any of the major Tea Party groups that inspired his candidacy.” The New York Times

But this article in the same paper describes Brat as backed by the Tea-Party. We need to get our facts straight.

The same New York Times article already has 1153 comments.

“During his 14 years in Washington, Cantor reinvented himself so manytimes that I ultimately lost count somewhere around Cantor 6.0. And that was ultimately the reason for Cantor’s downfall. The serial reinventions left Cantor with few allies and myriad enemies.” Jason Zengerle, The New Republic

Money didn’t matter. “Cantor, the House majority leader, raised nearly $5.5 million during the cycle, bolstered by investments from the American Chemistry Council, the American College of Radiology, the National Rifle Association, and the National Association of Realtors. He lost to Dave Brat, a college professor with a $200,000 shoestring budget.” Politico 

More to come…