Thank God It’s Over

Joe Biden won. Beside a brief trip to my folks’ backyard for a socially distant dinner and a running date with a buddy, I mostly sat on the sofa in front of the TV all day. iPad and cellphone at hand for a massive date with twitter.

It was great fun.

Donald Trump was completely psychologically unequipped to run our country. There was definitely a screw loose somewhere – maybe it was clinical narcissism, maybe it was a developmental disorder, which made him more of infant – I am not sure. All I know is that this guy has not totally right in the head.

He was also completely unprepared, knowledge and experience-wise, to run our country. It would be like I was suddenly hired to run Ford Motor Company. Do I know anything about cars? No! Have I ever taken a business course? No! Have I ever held a job in a car company? No! Am I comfortable stopping at a red light on a hill, while driving a stick shift car? No! I think probably everyone in this country would agree that I should not run Ford Motor Company, and they would be right.

I don’t even think that Trump himself wanted to be president. I’ll never forget that glum, depressed face as he met President Obama in the White House for the first time. Running for office was a lark for him, a ploy for some other long-term goal, but very quickly, he began to love the adoration of the mobs at the rallies and he began to believe the sycophants who surround him.

Despite the massive inappropriateness of this guy, 70 million people voted for him. Now, many people believe that that 70 million people are despicable, racist, erasable, wife-beaters, low IQ dinosaurs, and otherwise nasty creeps. I don’t think that, but I’ll talk about those folks another day.

Let’s just talk about what I hope that a Biden-presidency can bring to our country. I hope that he’ll bring opportunities to people, who don’t attend and graduate from a four-year college. I hope that those folks have good jobs, a nice place to live, a car to get to work, and regular meals. I hope that little kids and disabled kids have a free, appropriate education. I hope that we prioritize schools over bars (and over parties in the street). I hope that we can find a sensible way to control the virus. I hope that everyone receives quality healthcare.

And mostly, I am just pleased that I won’t see all caps tweets. Painfully embarrassing tweets. I am looking forward to some old fashioned, boring professionalism and competence.

I do hope that we can figure out what compelled 70 million people to vote for this guy. If they have some rational complaints with the status quo, let’s help them out.

A friend purchased a foreclosed house from the bank last year. It was a fixer-upper on a busy corner, but her husband is handy, and the price was right. When she toured the home with the real estate agent, the previous owners had already moved out, but before they moved out, they left a poopy baby diaper in every closet in the house. The aroma of fecal matter infused the home. It was a big fuck-you to future owners, the bank that took away their home, a world that did not provide them with a suitable income to afford the mortgage for fixer-upper house on a busy corner.

That’s what I am afraid that Trump is going to do in the remaining days of his office. I am worried that he’s going to trash the place on the way out.

He hasn’t talked much since yesterday, which is awesome. I hope that he remains very, very, very depressed on the golf course for weeks. Anything that he says with be destructive and damaging. Keep your mouth shut, Donald.