Travel: A Solo Adventure in the Catskills

Weekend trips around our Northeast area are nothing unusual for us, but when the pandemic hit, and we had a desperately isolated autistic teen in the house, weekend trips became essential. We planned out upcoming trips as a family over dinner during the week. They were highly photographed. And they were something that I wrote about here and on my social media accounts. It was my slightly passive aggressive way of letting people to know that autistic people were horribly isolated during the pandemic and to not forget about them.

Now, Ian is a great kid and an excellent +1 on our little trips. He’ll do anything from touring museums to biking rail trails to eating in restaurants in Chinatown with shriveled pigs in the window. He’s more flexible and adventurous than most typical teens that I know, because he has nothing better to do, and because he’s a great kid.

But sometimes, Steve and I need to get away on our own, too. With Jonah home to supervise in case Ian had a seizure, and to keep him company (along with the girlfriend), we didn’t worry at all. Steve and I haven’t gone away together for a weekend, without worrying, in more than twenty years. So, this was a huge deal for us.

We went up to the Catskills for the weekend and stayed in an old motel that had been renovated and turned into a hipster tavern with Airbnb rooms. We hung out in the tavern for hours talking to other day trippers, local contractors, and airbnb owners. Those weekend cabins for Brooklyn-ites, who want to eat arugula pizza in the woods, is a big business out there. And, after talking with other speculators over local home-brew, Steve and I are thinking about getting into that business as a side hustle.

We stayed in Roscoe and Livingston Manor, NY. Tips for travel to that area to be updated soon. Here are some pictures (click on one to start the slide show):