Packing For Florida

I’m heading down to West Palm Beach for the weekend. It’s going to be 90 percent family stuff, 10 percent freedom. Lots of family dinners and hopefully a trip to see the Breakers and the Norton museum. I really should be working on an essay that being kicking around in my head all week. I should be posting pictures of old books on Etsy. But instead I’m taking pictures of the cute outfits in my travel suitcase. I’m just so happy to pull out spring clothes and leave sweaters and clunky shoes in the closet. Also necessary is massive amounts of self-maintenance, when making a travel from the snowy North to the 80 degree beach. Pedicure and hair time!

All those outfits? Yes! And more! Compulsive over-packing is my favorite thing!

PICTURE ABOVE: My cousins’ kids back in 2011. Love those girls!