AOC at the Met Gala Isn’t a Crime, but It’s Definitely Cringe

The Met Gala is always a parade of the insanely rich, thirsty celebrities, and the just plain old insane.

I usually love the Met Gala and closely scan all the dresses and jewelry on social media. This year, I don’t have the stomach for it. Yesterday, I listened to an hour webinar about how people with disabilities are having problems getting their social security payments and applying for new benefits, because GOVERNMENT OFFICES STILL HAVEN’T OPENED yet. It is a little distasteful to observe the bizarre behavior of the rich and privileged when crap like that is going on.

AOC was there. Gossip bloggers said she sucked up to everyone. Which stirred up lots of controversy.

Piers Morgan said,

Tickets for the Met Gala cost $35,000 a head, enough to feed three average American families of four for a year according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Yet Ocasio-Cortez believed it was her ‘responsibility’ to attend this ludicrously pointless celebration of totally unnecessary and often cringe-worthy extravagance. In a comical effort to fend off her critics, she wore a white dress with the words ‘Tax the rich’ sprawled across in it in red lettering.

AOC responded to the haters on an Instagram Story. More cringe. It’s best to ignore negative comments rather that resorting to college lingo and confessional selfies.

Would Elizabeth Warren or Ruth Baden Ginsburg hang out with Kim Kardashian?

I have a huge problem with connecting the celebrity and political streams. Among his many crimes, Donald Trump’s presidency made celebrities, like Meghan Markle and Kanye West, think they can run for political office, and made politicians act like celebrities.

I do think it is impossible for our political leaders to advocate effectively for needy people, like the disabled people who can’t get their social security checks, when they are prancing around with the freaks at the Met Gala. It distracts them. It creates conflicts of interest. It’s just unnecessary.

AOC’s attendance at the Gala does make me wonder if she’s planning on staying in Washington. I wonder if she will end up monetizing her political years with a foundation and book deal and a multi-million dollar house on the CA coast. Sad.