The Crushing Sadness When an Internet Friend Dies: Mommyblogging, Mental Illness, and More

source: @dooce

Nearly twenty years ago, on Friday, July 11, 2003, Steve showed me his favorite political blogs – Andrew Sullivan, James Lileks, and other long forgotten sites. I thought they were cool, so I promptly set up a free blogspot account and began writing little things for my husband to read at lunch time. I never expected anybody to find it and read it. It was always just for fun. 

But people did find my blog and read it, despite the fact that I refused to commit to one type of blogging, and, thus, confused everyone. Some days I was an academic blogger, other days I was political blogger. And some days, I was a personal blogger, who talked about raising kids in a four floor walk-up in Manhattan, while teaching a graduate school class at Columbia. 

Personal blogging, sometimes called mommyblogging, was a huge thing back then. Women wrote irreverent, self-deprecating essays about raising kids, a welcome relief from the old-school, saccharine parenting books and magazines. Dooce was the OG mommyblogger, one of my daily reads, and she killed herself this week. I’m heartbroken.

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