Labor Day Weekend = APSA = GeekAlert by Macaroni

APSA 2 by Macaroni

One of my research areas is the study of bloggers and the blogosphere. Currently I'm writing a piece on that examines how Clinton and Obama used  blogs during the 2008 primaries. This is all well and good, but I have not started analyzing any of the data for the impending American Political Science Association's Annual Conference, held Labor Day weekend. The paper I will present at APSA investigates political blogs that focus on New York state politics, during the three month period leading to the budget.

haven't I begun? Below I offer some alternative explanations:

 1. I'm
blogging for the first time. Why start a new research project?  

 2. I'm
waiting for the research fairy to materialize.      

 3. I
despise content analysis. T.E.D.I.O.U.S   

 4. I'm
pondering "to sample or not to sample, that is the 

 5. I
want to go to the beach.   

 6. I
have no summer funding, and just found out. (Yes, don't ask.)   

 7. Does
anyone care about state politics? (Well, yes, thanks to scandalicious

 8. I'm
contemplating another research project titled, "Dirty, Sexy

 9. I
want to finish the Clinton/Obama paper before delving into a new paper.     

10. Spending
Labor Day with poorly dressed political scientists is frankly depressing (
Laura and Dan)