It’s Not a Race: There’s no adulthood deadline

Around here, there’s a lot of pressure on young people to attend a college that looks good on a back window decal, join the best greek clubs, maintain a good GPA, score the best summer internships, do a semester abroad, finish in four years, and then go onto the other rites of adulthood — employment, apartment, marriage. Don’t get me wrong, all that is FABULOUS. Many of my favorite young people have hit those milestones effortlessly and are super happy. Others, not so much. 

While it might feel like there is only one path to a fabulous life, that’s actually not the case. Most people need a little more time to check off items from the adulthood checklist; others find entirely different routes towards adulthood. There’s no one right way to do get there, and there are no deadlines. After all, it’s not a race to adulthood.

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