Gift Guide 2021 #4 – Technology

A few months back, Facebook “suggested” an article for me about a girl who used a metal detector to find a Viking hoard of axes in the English countryside. I clicked on it, read the whole thing, and the Facebook Algorithm said, “SCORE!”

So after that, every time I openned Facebook, I got another “suggested article” about someone using their metal detector to find ancient treasure, and being nothing more than a data point in an algorithm, I clicked on those links. After reading dozens of these articles, I decided that I absolutely NEED a metal detector.

Yesterday, I looked up the cost of metal detectors on Alexa (the Amazon device in our kitchen that absolutely listens to every word we say). So, now Bezos has got our number, too. I am bracing myself for the avalanche of Amazon ads. Yes, I know that I have been manipulated by Algorithms, but metal detectors are kinda cool.

Technology is our biggest expense. We need technology for work, school, and entertainment. Technology is probably destroying our souls, but we are going willingly to that hell with our AirPods in our ears. I, for one, welcome our new technology overlords.

Some of the devices that rule our lives: iMac, Mac Air, iPad mini, iPhones, Amazon Alexa, AirPods. Ian is a Switch guy. He asked for a few new games, including: Hyrule Warriors, WarioWare, and Zelda: Skyward Sword. He’s also requested some music tech geekery.