Gift Guide #8 – Last Minute Clean Up

We’re under a blanket of snow here in Jersey. Virtual school was cancelled, so that means that I’m taking a day off — sort of — from work, too. Ian and I spent the morning shoveling the driveway and making the obligatory snow day breakfast — waffles and bacon. This afternoon, I’ll finish my holiday online shopping, while he does his homework. Here are some last minute items that caught my eye:

I like this scarf. It’s cute and only $6! I bought one for all the women in my family.

Gel pens are addictive. I’ve even gotten Jonah hooked on them.

The dudes are getting lots of warm, flannel shirts this year.

NEST candles and smelly sticks are super popular this year.

Steve and I are continuing to personalize our office. He’s going to get maps from Mapiful of New Jersey and Cleveland. I’ll frame them with frames from Amazon and some double-stick tape. I’m thinking about macrame wall hangings.

With everyone glued to their screens, blue light glasses are mandatory.

Snow Day necessities: Waffle Iron, boots, and ski gloves.