Midterm 2022

Just a quick postmortem from last night’s election. I’ll put up some thoughts, but this is primarily an open thread.

Despite predictions of a red wave, Democrats held their own. They lost seats in Congress, but not as many as expected. Republicans, who were closely aligned with Trump, did poorly in many cases. Dr. Oz in PA lost to a mountain of a man with lingering medical issues from a stroke. Whew. Kathy Hochul won the governorship in New York, despite the huge issue with crime and the growing Republican base on Long Island and other suburbs. Trump did have some wins, i.e. Vance in Ohio, but he had more losses.

I think people are just sick of extremism. Even though nearly 1/3 of the country thinks that Trump really won the last election, they are still sick of him.

They are also sick of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. AOC is in my media zone, and I didn’t see even one television ad for her. She didn’t also appear in a single ad for other candidates in our region. I’m naturally a moderate, and never felt that the progressive wing did much for disabled people like my son, so I’m not sad.

We don’t live in an area with a lot of Trump voters, so we always notice the one house near the park with a massive Trump sign on its front lawn. Driving past the house on the way to the park for a Saturday jog, we noticed that the home owner changed up his signs a couple of months ago. He replaced his Trump signs with “Republican Supporter” and “Anyone But Biden” signs.

American politics without Trump sounds heavenly.