What We Owe Kids: Everything

Alyssa Rosenberg has a column in today’s Washington Post with the no-duh statement of the year — children bore the brunt of the pandemic. But she says that we shouldn’t waste time with a “woulda coulda” thinking. Instead, we should find ways to make children whole.

Uh, no. I do want accountability for the destruction done to American’s children. A generation of children will NEVER recover. And pundits, like Rosenberg, are responsible for this, because this is a disaster that was entirely predictable. She should have known and used her massive platform to advocate for children. But columnists and leaders didn’t acknowledge that the shutdowns were hurting children until earlier this year.

I’m not over it. These school shutdowns were very personal. My children are both still paying the price for closed schools. Watching his professors’ droning YouTube lectures and struggling to get them to answer emails, my college kid didn’t finish college on time; he is upstairs doing another miserable online class right now. Between 1-1/2 years of social isolation and this past year in a new, understaffed transition program, my smart autistic kid experienced a serious regression in social skills.

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