Revenge of the Karens: Explaining White Suburban Women voters

The midterm elections are not looking good for Democrats. While it’s very normal for the president’s party to lose votes in midterm elections, next week’s election is different. Polling data shows that people might elect candidates who have ties to Donald Trump and are election-deniers. Election deniers should not be issued a driver’s license, nevermind given entry into the halls of government. 

The other strange thing about these midterm elections is that one surprising demographic will be pushing the Republican ticket — white, suburban women. 

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that their poll of 297 white suburban women (admittedly not a huge sample size) found that they favor Republican candidates by 15 percentage points. The big issue, according to this WSJ poll, was the economy, not abortion. “54% of white suburban women think the U.S. is already in a recession and 74% think the economy is headed in the wrong direction.” Their support for Republicans candidates, including Donald Trump, has jumped significantly just in the past couple of months. 

There have been a lot of hot takes on white suburban women by people who are not white suburban women. How about I take a stab at unrolling these statistics?

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