A Trip To An Empty Museum

In normal times, we visit New York City regularly on weekends for museums, restaurants, and concerts. Since COVID, we have crossed the George Washington Bridge only a handful of times. Last Sunday, we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the first time since last February.

We are museum people. My dream retirement job is to be a volunteer museum docent, who takes groups of people through the galleries giving little lectures on Rothko or Manet. I’m an art geek. If we lived closer, I would see every free lecture and attend every music night. Sigh. I hope that dream isn’t dead.

When we went on Sunday, the place was empty. There were more security guards than paying patrons. It was oddly depressing and glorious at the same time. The three of us were often the only people in the room. There were no foreign tourists, no groups of school children. There weren’t even many New Yorkers, because all my city friends are afraid to leave their neighborhoods.

Here are some of my pictures from that day…