Eight Weekends

Steve and I have not come up with a family vacation plan yet. But we’re getting closer.

Our goal of getting Ian in a specialized transition program took priority this spring. We still haven’t been able to lockdown the right program for him (lawyers, red tape, money). With all that uncertainty, we can’t commit to plane tickets and hotel rooms, because some programs begin in the summer. Also, we had to hire an expensive lawyer to make this happen, so there’s not going to be a lot of extra money floating around in our bank account for a fancy escape. I’ll talk about that drama more in the next Great Leap newsletter.

This week, we decided that we couldn’t let the summer slip by without any fun. So, I took out a piece of paper and brainstormed ideas with Steve. Sitting at the kitchen counter with a glass of wine, we came up with a list of ideas for the eight weekends and two full (!) weeks in July and August. A Yankee game, camping, a trip to the beach, We’ll do one long car trip in the second week of August, but haven’t settled on the exact destination — Montreal/Quebec City or Northfork Long Island/Block Island/Newport/Cape Cod.

For the first time ever, Steve is going to take two consecutive weeks of vacation. This is a game changer. In the past, Steve’s 20-24 days of Paid Time-Off were eaten up by doctor’s appointments, school meetings, random emergencies, extended family obligations, and childcare gaps, leaving only one week for a summer vacation. Until we sat at the kitchen counter to talk about the summer and counted his remaining vacation days, we hadn’t even contemplated this luxury of a two-week vacation. For various reasons, we won’t be able to actually travel or sit on a beach for that whole two weeks, but we will have the luxury of having packing and unpacking time on either end of the vacation. Steve can have a few days to sleep in and truly relax. Like I said, game changer.

We have some obligations for the remaining weekends of June. The kittens were returned to the shelter to get antibiotics to manage some rather extreme intestinal issues. They might come back for a week or two, when they feel better. But by July 1, we should be free and clear to check off items from our Summer Bucket List. Tonight over dinner, we’ll start to make reservations and finalize plans.

We have eight weekends for adventures and fun. I plan to use every minute.

Picture: Block Island, 2016