Is An Economic Boom On the Horizon? Who Will Benefit?

With the end of his junior year of college in sight, Jonah has been spending hours studying the job boards at his university. He’s looking for a paid summer internship and also getting a feeling for what’s waiting for him after graduation.

The opportunities for non-STEM folks are slim right now. He applied to the few listed jobs, but hearing nothing. He did an unpaid remote internship last summer, so he doesn’t need to do that again. Restaurant work is always an option, if he just wants to pull in some dollars.

I’ve told him to keep an eye on that job board. I think that things are going to change soon, now that people are getting their shots and leaving the house. Why am I so optimistic? I’ve been whispers from here and there about the fact that folks with major cash are starting to spend again.

Rich people like to spend money. They like to spend money on themselves, but this year they couldn’t go on lavish vacations or buy status items to show off their wealth. They also like to spend money on investments that will multiple their money, but those investments were in hibernation this year. That’s all going to change very quickly.

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